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Stick and Stitch - 11 water soluble adhesive patches, Bee design.

This is must be the quickest way to start an embroidery project! The bees have been so popular that I have turned them into a Stick and Stitch set so that you can embellish all manner of items with these furry lovable creatures!

Featuring my original Bee drawing, as contained in my embroidery kits.   The designs are printed onto water soluble adhesive backing. Simply peel, stick, then stitch! It's that easy.  Once you've finished stitching just rinse the backing away with water.
If you're looking for a way to decorate and upcycle your clothes, bedding, home items, bags, then stick and stitch embroidery designs are definitely for you! No need to trace your design, these are so handy for an immediate embroidery project! These are also great if your fabric is too thick to trace through, or you don't like tracing. Also, if you are not confident at drawing, then it's an easy way to get straight on with your project.
Presented in a branded organza bag with full instructions, these make lovely affordable gifts, and they have free UK delivery.
Use your own stash of threads and fabric, and it's perfect for recycling.
Each set contains 11 cute bees, all of varying sizes, the smallest being 4cm x 4cm, and the largest being 9cm x 8cm.  They are great for a variety of projects.  These are the very simple steps involved:
STEP ONE: Peel the sticker away from the backing and position onto your fabric. Make sure your fabric is suitable for stitching onto.
STEP TWO: Stitch onto the design using as much as the detail as you like. It's fine to edit out detail and include just as much of the design as what you want.
STEP THREE: When you've finished stitching, hold you design under water and lightly rub the surface of the adhesive stitch paper. As if by magic it will disappear! Flatten your design to dry, or hang in the fresh air, depending on your chosen fabric.
STEP FOUR: Proudly display!
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