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NEW: Victoria's Samplers: Mixed Media Embroidery Kits!

'Victoria's Samplers' is a new mixed media range that will help you on the days that you would like to create, but don't know what to do.

These kits are designed to spark creativity, develop your own personal style, and to learn new stitches at your own pace. 

This is a large kit containing full instructions, and the following bumper pack of kit contents; 

  • Two pure linen fabric panels measuring 49 x 49cm each in soft white. This will provide a lot of scope for items to make your embroidery into after stitching, a framed piece of art, a drawstring bag, or a cushion to name but a few. 

  • Cotton skein thread set of ten skeins from the Victoria's Favourites range, in a russet, yellow and pink colour palette.

  • A set of pure British wool threads in a russet, pink, yellow colour palette, stored on a thread keeper ring.

  • A selection of Cotton 4 ply yarns from the Victoria's Favourites range.

  • Pilot Frixion heat erasable pen, for drawing directly onto the fabric.

  • Carbon Tracing Paper, for use if this is your preferred method.

  • A set of watercolour paints with paintbrush included.

  • A set of hand drawn flower motifs for tracing or copying onto the fabric.

  • Cotton drawstring, for if you wish to make a drawstring bag. 

  • Instructions provided

  • An A4 colour printed guide.

  • Videos and downloadable Stitch Lessons.

  • Postage within the UK is free.

  • Presented in a box ready for gifting. 

These kits are available in two options, pink/blue/lilac or pink/red/yellow.

The kit is suitable for beginners and advanced stitchers alike, as you can make it as simple or as sophisticated as you like, whilst learning new stitches at your own pace. 

Containing pure wool threads in Pure British Wool, the light weight 4 ply wool is an absolute joy to stitch with as it's squidgy enough to hide imperfections, but it still has a form to it that creates very neat stitches with minimum effort. In terms of thickness, the wool is a fine 4 ply with the thickness of 2 ply. 

The Luca-S branded cotton threads are beautifully soft, and glide through the fabric.  

Stitches used in this design

There are videos at my website, and/or free downloadable Stitch Lessons for these stitches:

  • Woven Wheel Stitch.

  • French Knots.

  • Split Stitch.

  • Satin Stitch.

  • Pistil Stitch.

  • Leaf Stitch.

  • Buttonhole Stitch.

  • Closed Fly Stitch.

  • Couched Stitch. 

  • Needle Weaving.

If you are creating a cushion then all you will need is the stuffing, and a pair of scissors to cut the thread.  Instructions are provided as to how I made a hand sewn cushion. 

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