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Personalised embroidered gifts .... a gift in a gift .....

Hello to you, I hope you are well?

Dare I say it ..... There is an Autumnal feel in the air. It's my favourite time of the year, the heat has dipped down but it is still lovely here in the UK. Although saying that it has been a sad week for many and if you are feeling sad, bereaved or are suffering from grief, then my thoughts are with you xxx

Craft and embroidery are a great healer, I know that from first hand experience, and as the air becomes cooler, my thoughts turn to therapeutic Autumnal sewing projects. I know how you crafters like to get ahead, which is why I have released this personalised festive giftbag embroidery kit. Follow the link to get yours sent to you this week.

This is a decorative gift bag that will be brought out year after year. I have Christmas decorations that I made as a child that my Mum and Dad kept, and it's so lovely to see them every year. This is a customisable embroidered gift bag, and the tag is a pouch that could contain an extra small gift. How nice would it be to tuck a secret present in there! It also comes with a printed alphabet, with upper case, lower case, and numbers and symbols, so that you can trace any message you would like on the tag, or onto the fabric itself. If you would like a particular word or name, then please let me know and I will include a printed version of that too.

All of the materials that you need are in this kit, and it contains hand dyed pure wool by Manos del Uruguay, which are super soft as they contain 70% Merino and 30% Silk! The crochet weight knitting wool is an absolute joy to stitch with as it's squidgy enough to hide imperfections, but it still has a form to it that creates very neat stitches with minimum effort. Manos del Uruguay set up in 1968 to empower women by helping them to earn a living, more about their story is below. Have you heard their back story? More about that is below ......

This kit is suitable for all levels of stitchers including beginners. Complete printed instructions, a stitch guide, and video tutorials are all included to make the generous sized hemmed panel into a personalised drawstring gift bag. It could also easily be transformed into a bolster cushion, or a wall hanging, or displayed in a frame. Instructions are included on how to turn it into a cushion if you would like that.

The inspiration for this kit comes from my love of the the Arts & Crafts Movement. It seems especially useful in the throw away culture that seems to prevail at the moment, and I thought how nice it would be to create something that could be used time and time again. It's a gift in a gift, just think of all the lovely gifts you could put in there. It could be a food themed hamper, cosmetics or aromatherapy products, art supplies, or if you have a knitter in your life, this would make an amazing knitting bag as it's long enough to hold knitting needles and lots of wool!

This design is deceptively easy to embroider, with simple stitches being used to great effect. The finished bag measures a generous 45 x 24 cm which is plenty of room to stash lots of small gifts! The design isn't overly Christmassy and it could be used for any celebration.

Included in this jam packed kit:

  • Hemmed panel of pure linen in an ivory colour, measuring 50 x 50 cm, a luxurious high-quality heavyweight linen weighing approximately 225gsm.

  • Four mini skeins of Manos del Uruguay hand dyed wool, ready cut into stitchable lengths and stored on a handy Macrame ring.

  • John James Chenille embroidery needle.

  • Full colour printed instructions with a stitch guide.

  • Printed to size A4 embroidery pattern template.

  • Printed alphabet, with upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols. Additionally if you would like a particular word or name, let me know and I will send that too. Send me an email if you would like this.

  • Carbon tracing paper for tracing the design.

  • Felt square to make the tag from.

  • Cotton webbing cord to use as the drawstring.

  • It is all contained in a calico tote bag, which you could embroider with the leftover thread.

  • Video tutorials at my website.

  • Free delivery in the UK.

Stitches used in this design:

  • Satin Stitch

  • Herringbone Stitch

  • Straight Stitch

  • Running Stitch

  • Leaf Stitch

  • Split Stitch

Manos del Uruguay

In 1968 five friends, Olga Pardo Santayana de Artagaveytia, Sara Beisso de Souza, Dora Muñoz de Cibils, María del Carmen Bocking and Manila Chaneton de Vivo shared their concern for the hard life and lack of opportunities of rural women back at that time.

They planned on selling the simple objects that the women were already making, wool blankets and horse saddle pads. They sold well and soon they were organizing workshops all around the country.

With the aid of social workers they committed to give the women the necessary tools to organize the production, administrate the cooperatives and deal with suppliers and customers. While providing support in the difficult task of balancing work and family. The founders vision was always that Manos should not only be a work source, but a means of women’s empowerment and development.

Forming leaders that would move the organization forward was a main priority. Manos founders were great women that shared a huge work capacity and the conviction that no dream is too big.

That's all for now folks, drop me a line if you need any help with projects.

Love from Victoria xx

P.S. There are some spaces left on my Wool Embroidery course at The Old School in Warrington on Saturday 24th September.

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