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A new kit, and some safely guarded secrets of my design process!

Hello to you, I hope that all is well with you?

I thought you might like to know that a new kit has been released today, it's the Tulip Cushion Kit, although none of my kits have to be cushions, as they make lovely wall hangings and drawstring bags too!

This kit is a simple and comforting kit that is a joy to stitch with pure linen and pure wools. It celebrates my love of Arts and Crafts and Folk Art, and would make a cheery addition to any home.

My design process

As promised on my social media channels this week, here is an insight into my design process. It's a simple process, and I'm hoping that by sharing it that you might be encouraged to have a go. Also, you might be relieved to know that there are no digital skills involved! Phew!

Step 1

All of the designs for my embroidery kits start off with my photographs, this one was taken on a recent visit to RHS Bridgewater, the tulips there are amazing, I never knew that there were so many. This design is an amalgamation of a few, that's the benefit of working from observation and drawing your designs, you have artistic license to include anything.

Step 2

The next step involves drawing the designs by hand, and before you recoil in horror at the thought of drawing, I must confess that I'm not fantastic at drawing, but I really enjoy it. Also, the more I do, the better I get!

The drawing stage is made easier with vellum paper. This is especially useful if the design is symmetrical as it means you only have to draw one half of it, as the paper is transparent you just fold it over and trace the design through the other side.

As you can see from the image below, it takes a few attempts, and the images show the Tulip design in progress.

I have recently stopped digitising my drawings, as I figured that you would rather share my process and see my original drawings, if something is hand made, then it's good that it looks hand made! If you do have a go at drawing your own designs, don't be disheartened at a few wonky lines, once they are embroidered they will look fine, trust me.

Step 3

Once the drawings have been done, they are transferred to the fabric using carbon tracing paper. I much prefer this method as the fabric that I use is between 225 and 250gsm, and it isn't possible to see through it to trace the design by using daylight methods. The cushion kits have very high quality fabrics, and are washable at 30 degrees, as are the pure wools. Of course you could also draw straight onto the fabric using a Frixion heat erasable pen, and lines can later be removed with the heat from a hairdryer or iron. It's best to spot test your fabric first though.

The Tulip kit contains more wools than my usual kits as the stitches are very densely packed, and it builds up a lovely squidgy surface. For the first time I have introduced a wool from West Yorkshire Spinners that is made from 100% Wensleydale fleece, and it's gorgeous! The other wools are all pure Rowan wools. The link to get your Tulip Embroidery Kit is below, and it includes free UK postage.

That's all for now folks, if you'd like any help with your projects then drop me a line at

Oh, and I nearly forgot! Look out for another new kit coming soon, featuring some new hand dyed wools that are so yummy to stitch with!

Love from Victoria xx

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