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Would you like to learn how to do simple embroidery stitches?

Hello to you!

Did you know that I've set up a YouTube channel that shows a variety of videos on how to achieve simple embroidery stitches? There is a link to this below, there are videos on how to do;

- Blanket Stitch

- French Knots

- Straight Stitch

- Split Stitch

- Stem Stitch

I've kept the videos short and sweet so it's a really quick way to learn some new skills, and I have even simplified the French Knot by using a thicker thread than I would normally use.

There are also videos on getting started with embroidery like how to load fabric into a hoop. If you do have any technical questions then please let me know and I'd be happy to help.

Happy stitching!

Very best wishes

Victoria x

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