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New WOOL Embroidery Kits ..... yes you heard correctly, that's wool!

Hello to you, hope you're well.

I have been busy beavering away on lots of new designs for my next show on The Craft Store on Saturday 7th August at 5.00 p.m., that's just over a week away! I'll be live in the TV studio this time, and it's something that I've been looking forward to doing for a long time. Having been in the house for the last sixteen months it will be a huge relief to actually get out and about! I'll be as giddy as anything!

I've progressed into new styles recently and my work is focusing on Folk Art embroidery, there are four new embroidery kit designs that are stitched with wool, yes that's right ..... knitting wool! The wool is super fine and made from pure materials such as alpaca wool, silk, merino, baby suri, and mohair, it's such a comforting and tactile experience. I only tried stitching with wool very recently, but once I had tried it I just knew that I had to share it with you. The kits include mini hanks of Rowan branded wool, all wound by me and my Dad, something we had to learn how to do!

Wool is very forgiving to stitch with and it's possible to achieve professional stitch styles easily, especially as there will be tutorial videos to accompany this on my website, when I've had the time to film them that is! That should be happening during next week, but there is already a library of stitching videos at my website in the 'Videos & Freebies' section for you to be getting on with.

There will also be some kits featuring my original painted artwork for you to stitch onto, they will also be available as panels on their own, I thought it best to provide an opportunity for you to use your embroidery stash, and it's a very cost effective way to get a project up and running. The template fabric panels are a generous size and would make a lovely addition to a cushion, or framed as the panels are A4 in size so it's easy to put it in a frame. I get my picture frames from Ikea as they have such a great selection for the price, and it's a great excuse to scoff those lovely meatballs!

The new kits will be exclusive to The Craft Store for seven days after the 7th August, but after that they will be available at my website at £21.99 and £24.99, and that includes all materials and instructions too!

It would be lovely to hear from you, drop me a line if you would like any help with your projects, my email address is

Bye for now

Love from Victoria x

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