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May I introduce you to a NEW embroidery kit?

Hello to you!

Hope you are keeping well and looking forward to lighter days and better weather. I have had my eye on warmer days recently and have created a new embroidery kit with warm summer days in mind.

A first for my kits is the inclusion of a different type of DMC thread, welcome to the new obsession in my life ....... DMC Coton Perle 5, where has it been all my life?! This has been included as a simpler way to achieve French Knots, the instructions for this are in the 16 page accompanying booklet showing each stage to painting with thread.

There are eight full size DMC thread skeins in the kit, that's ample thread to do this kit several times over. It's available right now as a first limited edition batch, the link is attached here and it's already going fast!

I hope you like the Dragonfly & Dandelions kit which is based on the beautiful Azure Hawker Dragonfly, it's also known by its Latin name Aeshna Caerulea. It's found in my favourite place of Scotland, and mainly inhabits boggy pools in moorland in the Highlands. I can't wait to visit Scotland again!

There are lots more new products currently in development at Little House of Victoria HQ, I will make sure to keep you posted ........ In the meantime stay safe and well.

Very best wishes

Victoria x

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