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A new release .... Lily! (Plus a discount code contained within).

Hello to you! I hope you are doing well, it's the end of a busy week but I have managed to release a new kit ....... drum roll ...... please meet Lily! If you are looking for an easy and mindful project, this is the simplest of my embroidery kits and makes an ideal gift for a beginner.

The Lily Embroidery Kit features Mohair weaving wool from Devere Yarns, yes you heard correctly, weaving wool! When I ordered it from Devere they did express some surprise as to what I intended to do with it as it is quite wispy, but on trying it I quickly realised that it is beautiful to stitch with! Just double it over to make two strands, and it creates beautiful texture whilst retaining form to the stitch. If you can get wool through a needle then you can usually stitch with it. There is a handy hack on how to get wool through a needle in the instruction guides in the embroidery kits, and it doesn't involve a needle threader. Order yours here (also see below for 15% off this weekend):

The kit also contains Alpaca pure wool by Rowan, and who doesn't love an Alpaca? There is a printed 14 page booklet that contains a stitch guide, and instructions on how to make your embroidery into a cushion or a drawstring bag. I have put magnetic frame clips on mine and hung it on the wall, it looks gorgeous in my bedroom, soft and tactile artwork and cushions always suit bedrooms and lounges.

I'm at the Open Studio at The Old School in Warrington tomorrow, Saturday, from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. I will be in the Hanging by a Thread textile studio which is owned by Maria Livesey, and Maria will be running some drop in silk screen printing sessions which I can totally recommend having been taught previously by Maria, her sessions are so informative and fun. I will be doing a little embroidery, so please come along to have a look, and bring your own projects if you would like to sew along with me. There will be a chance for you to try stitching with wool, as I hope to convert some more people to wool embroidery. Come over to the fluffy side! That's all for now folks, have a lovely weekend, and I hope to see you in Warrington tomorrow if you can make it. The Old School is in Fairfield, which is quite close to Central train station in Warrington town centre. I'm also running two embroidery workshops there in September and November, details on how to book are on my website. Have a good one, I hope the sun shines for you. Ooh, and I nearly forgot (for those who have read this far, here is the reward), a discount code for 15% off at my website is DISCOUNT15 for this weekend only.

Love from Victoria xx P.S. the image below shows the Lily design in DMC Perle threads as a drawstring bag, would you like to see this as an embroidery kit?

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