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Stick and Stitch - two new designs! Dragonflies and Victoria's Favourites!

I couldn't resist it ........ There are now two new additions to the Stick and Stitch packs. I know that a lot of you like Dragonflies so I have dedicated a pack to those pretty little creatures. Also, there is a 'Victoria's Favourites' pack, just because it was so hard to choose! They are all my original drawings, printed onto water soluble fabric with an adhesive backing. The 'Favourites' pack features:

- Lovey Dove

- Bees x 2 (1 large and 1 small)

- Dragonflies x 2 (1 large and 1 small)

- Squirrels x 2 (1 large and 1 small)

- Blackbird

- Folk Art Flowers

All of the above live in my garden, it's like a little wonderland out there, which is probably because we encourage them by feeding them as if they were our own pets!

The Dragonfly pack has 11 patches, all of varying sizes:

Full instructions are included, but basically you just peel the backing away, stick it onto your chosen fabric, embroider away to your heart's content, and then wash the patch away under warm running water. It's that easy to get started on an embroidery project.

I know how limited to time a lot of people are these days, so I have designed these so that you can get going straight away, there are no excuses! Seriously though, as the world gets busier please take time out for yourself, whether that's with a craft and a cup of tea, or whatever you choose.

If you need any help with your projects, or would just like a chat, then please drop me a line at

Bye for now!

Love from Victoria x

P.S. There's free UK postage on all Stick & Stitch packs, and embroidery kits!

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