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NEW! Embroidery Kit - A complete project in a box!

I'm really pleased to introduce the new embroidery kit to you! It has taken quite a few months work of planning the packaging and the design of the Parthenice Tiger Moth template. Moths are such beautiful creatures that I am greatly inspired by them and I'm already planning the design of the second kit, which will feature another very colourful little moth. Do you know that the moth population in the UK has taken a sharp decline in recent years? This is quite worrying seeing as they play a large part in pollinating nocturnal flowering plants.

I've sourced the best materials possible for this kit including DMC stranded cottons, in my opinion these are the best threads on the market as they glide so easily though fabric. This isn't a paid advert, I'm just a DMC fan!

Included in the kit there is also an Elbesee 6" hoop, which is made in the UK, and has no sharp edges or splinters to ruin your work or your hands. Also manufactured in the UK are the John James needles, I was really excited to see Michael Portillo's programme coming from their factory last week. Seeing all that heavy machinery made me realise just what goes in to making these great needles! I like to source from within the UK wherever possible, especially now when it is so important to keep what little industries we have left still going.

I'm so pleased that I managed to get these kits launched for the impending cooler months. I hope that they provide a therapeutic interlude from life, especially if you can curl up by the fire on colder days.

I took quite a great deal of care and attention into writing the step by step guide that is included in the box to get it exactly right and easy for beginners to follow. Ooh by the way, I nearly forgot to say that I have put all of these contents into a rigid keepsake style box so that you can keep all of your project in one place as you work through it. There is also a foam insert in the box that I thought could come in handy for safely securing your needle whilst in between threads. It's always good to keep tabs on where your needle is, those John James are nice and sharp!

If you do order a kit whether for yourself or a gift, then please let me know if you would like an ebook version of the instruction book. I am releasing these to you as an extra bonus, it's quite nice to be able to zoom into the diagrams to see more of the stitches close up. If you'd like a copy of the ebook then please email me at and I'll send one over to you.

Below is a rather embarrassing video about the kit, it explains what is included in the box. Oh the pain! It's not something that comes naturally but I am a self-taught videographer so please bear with me!

If you have any questions about the kit, or anything, or even life in general then please get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

Very best wishes

Victoria x


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