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M.A. Degree Show - Contemporary Fine Art. Location: My own living room.

Hello to you!

There is no denying this year has been a tough one and I hope that you and yours are all safe.

Completing my M.A. in Contemporary Fine Art during lockdown has been a challenge and it is such a shame that me and my fellow students will not have the opportunity of a final show.

A final show usually gives artists the chance to sell their work and to emerge from their catalyst as a butterfly into the shiny bright world of art with lots of lovely new opportunities. Unfortunately this isn't quite the case and the creative world is struggling.

I hope to be putting a show on in Manchester next year, all hopefully being safe, but in the meantime all of my original stitched artworks are for sale on my website, and to reflect the current climate I have adjusted the prices accordingly.

The long and slow process of embroidered art can be a blessing and a curse, it has really helped me to cope during these difficult times but many pieces have taken over 90 hours to make. It really is a labour of love! All of them are handcrafted in quality DMC stranded cotton on cotton linen, and some are in custom made frames that have been professionally made by my Dad ..... Like the acrylic frame below that showcases the reverse as well as the front, thanks Dad! In the event of an exhibition it is intended that you will be able to walk around the artwork so that the random and unknotted threads can be seen on the reverse.

If you would like to know more about any of my artworks then please get in contact by email at, I would love to hear from you.

Stay safe.

Love and best wishes from Victoria x

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