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Ideas for using your stash!

Hello to you!

Hope you are enjoying your Summer? It was so lovely to meet fellow stitchers and wannabe stitchers at last week's open studios. One thing I did take from it is that we all seem to have a massive stash, and lots of UFO's (unfinished objects). So that set me thinking, how could I assist you in using up that stash, and finishing your projects? That is when I came up with the idea of releasing every pattern as a downloadable version with an easy to follow, no nonsense instruction guide. That way you do not have to purchase a full kit, but you do have the benefit of all of the wool and thread references if you would like to recreate it at home with your burgeoning stash. This makes sense from an environmental point of view too, and with rising living costs it just seemed the sensible, but still fun, thing to do. You could come up with your own colour palettes, and all of the designs are interchangeable between wools or threads, so the possibilities are endless. As for finishing your object, I have written concise instructions that aim to take the pressure away from perfect stitching. The embroidery police are banned from my house! Go with the flow and enjoy yourself, I never worry what the back of my stitching looks like, who cares? I have priced all of my patterns at £5 each, and you can use them time and time again. I have also included my favourite, fail safe, tracing method, but you can use your own. The designs are sized to A4, but these can be resized as you wish. If you would like to receive one of these for free, then please email me and I will send you a code for your favourite one. I like to say thank you for keeping me in your inbox every now and then, it is very much appreciated. Oh, and I nearly forgot! I have released the third colour palette of the Sunflower range today, Stellar Sunflower. It takes it name from the Manos del Uruguay wool of the same name, and it reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Nights painting, I wonder if that is why they called it that? Stitches within this design are all my usual faves:

  • Chain stitch

  • Herringbone stitch

  • Leaf stitch

  • Split stitch

  • Leaf stitch

  • Seed stitch

That's all for now folks, I will catch up with you soon. If you need any help with your projects, then please just drop me a line. Love from Victoria x P.S. There are still a few places on my Wool Embroidery Workshop on Saturday 24th September.

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