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Ideas for using your embroidery stash!

It's that crafting time of year again when it's good to put the heating on and snuggle up with some embroidery. I've been busy working on new designs of embroidery panels to keep you all warm and stocked up with embroidery projects, the most recent designs are the Cat & Banana Leaves and Forest Squirrel. I've also rediscovered my love of painting, and have invested in some new gouache paints. I had a lovely time indulging my love of folk art by painting the designs before printing them onto organic half panama cotton.

Reuse and repurpose

With climate change being a current topic right now, these embroidery panels are great for using your existing stash up, so they make a cost effective crafting project.

All of the designs are available now on the website in two sizes, a large 45cm square size, which is perfect for cushions covers, wall hangings, tote bags. Also, they are available as a generous hoop size of 24cm square, which will comfortably fit into a 6" hoop with a bit of editing. I'd pop it into a frame, as I wouldn't want to edit anything out, but the choice is yours. At 309gsm fabric weight they are strong enough to take applique and any threads.

This is a project to make your own, the painted textural background does some of the hard work in terms of shading and texture as it's possible to see every brush mark, it looks just like the original gouache painting!

Perfect for beginners!

The fabric templates are perfect for beginners as it involves placing like for like coloured thread over the printed design, it's about building the surface up with colour and shading rather than very accurate stitching. It's a little bit like painting by numbers but with thread, and there is still lots of scope to make it your own but with the safety net of the design underneath. I find that the more random the stitching is the better, and I aim to overlap stitches so that it creates more texture.

Discount Code for 15% off!

Here is a code for 15% off any fabric embroidery panel, and they all have free UK delivery. Just apply the code DISCOUNT15 at the checkout to receive 15% off.

Below is a link to the Cat & Banana Leaves design, and the Forest Squirrel. The Cat design will be available soon as a complete embroidery kit, with full skeins of DMC stranded cotton threads.

Please keep in touch, I love to hear about your projects and what you are up to, it really brightens my day.

Happy stitching!

Love from Victoria x

P.S. The embroidery kits all have free UK delivery too, so there's no need to venture out in the wintry weather!

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