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New today! Embroidery on Knits Kit!

I have released a new embroidery kit today that will revamp your wardrobe. It's the Embroidery on Knits - Mushroom Embroidery Kit, which does what it says on the tin! However, what you can't get from a picture is how therapeutically gorgeous it is stitching on wool.

Oh my gosh, it is the nicest embroidery experience ever. Wool on wool, what could be better? The kit includes everything that you need for two projects, and I've included two because it would be really difficult to stop at one, and obviously clothes have two sides to them. There are plenty of pure wool threads in the pack for the two projects. The link to get yours is below.

An important point to mention with this kit, is that there will be no sticky needles with this Vlieseline fleece interfacing, as it isn't adhesive. There is no need to transfer the design, it is ready drawn (by me) onto the fleece which is secured in the hoop included in the kit, and the

design fits into the hoop so you will be able to get going straight away. It's a very simple process and full instructions are included.

This is a great way to add a personal style to your clothes, and to make them last longer by breathing new life into them. It can even cover holes, just make sure you tack them together first. The designs can be embroidered onto anything that is washable, or able to be held under running water.

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