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More Mushrooms?

Too many cushions? I'll have to be careful or there won't be mushroom for anything else ........

Also, who was it that said life is too short to stuff a mushroom? I have been racking my brains, but can't remember.

A house isn't a home without a few comfy cushions. Although to be honest, no one is allowed to sit on the Biba cushion that you can see nestling behind here. I think it looks quite nice with my mushroom cushion, what do you think?

The new Mushroom embroidery kit is now available, and the kit contains local wool from Saddleworth, and organic bamboo and cotton large fabric panels.

The large hemmed fabric panels are easily hand sewn into a cushion or tote bag with a simple blanket stitch and woven border stitch, and the booklets for the kits contain instructions for both options.

If you'd like any help with your mushroom projects, then just drop me a line at

Love from Victoria x

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