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How to prolong your clothes, and give them the WOW factor!

Would you like to learn how to add the wow factor to your clothing with embroidery and embellishments?

Waste clothing is an ever increasing global problem that negatively affects the environment. The statistics are eye watering, so it make sense to help the environment and to help save yourself some money by prolonging your clothes by giving new life to them, as well as looking like a knowledgeable fashionista with your own sense of style.

I have developed a new workshop that will demonstrate how to use your leftover wool and threads from other projects to give your clothing the WOW factor.

In the workshop I will be demonstrating how to transform dull or worn clothing into something beautiful and unique to you. In this workshop we will embroider onto any item of clothing, and in particular woollens.

All materials apart from the item of clothing will be provided, and you will be able to choose pure wool threads from my extensive collection of wool, as well as DMC threads if your clothing would suit that better.

Bring your own item of clothing, be that woolly jumpers, gloves, scarfs, socks, or even jeans or a denim jacket. It can be anything, but it has to be washable. If you don't have an item of clothing to bring, then there will be felt pieces available, so that you can affix it to an item later on.

I will guide you through basic stitches that will add decoration to your chosen item. I will also show you the best method of transferring the design to your chosen item.

The link to book your place is below:

Please note that my studio at Woodend Mill One is on the third floor, and there is no lift.

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