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Tree of Life, to help the people of Ukraine

Hello to you, I hope you are well?

I'd like to show you my newest design, Tree of Life. All of the revenue from the sales of this pattern will be going to charities that help the people of Ukraine.

This is my latest design and it is available in this downloadable PDF embroidery pattern with an instruction guide. There are close up colour images of the finished design, with each stitch shown in detail.

The guide will show you how to transfer your design to your fabric, how to thread wool through a needle, and ways of working to achieve professional results easily. It will show you a materials list of the items used. I have used knitting wool rather than crewel wool, it is cost effective to use, and the most joyful of materials as it is so tactile.

I'm horrified to hear about what is going on in Ukraine, and how the people are suffering as a result of the devastation going on there.

Seeing the atrocities unfolding on the news channels has left me feeling so helpless, but I desperately want to assist, so this is what I have come up with as a small way to help.

The Tree of Life design is one that has been adopted by artists over many centuries, and it seems such a fitting design to convey feelings of hope, love, and peace. It symbolises growth instead of destruction. The healing power of craft is huge, and embroidery is an ancient craft that unites all cultures, so it seemed appropriate to do this.

Usually I ask that you don't reproduce my designs, but this one is different. If you are stitching to reproduce work to sell for charity, then please reproduce this design as many times as you like. Also, if you are stitching with friends as a means of healing and sharing, then please also reproduce this pattern as many times as you like.

This pattern is dedicated to my friend, Darya Meszkes. DAR Studio is Darya's company, and during lockdown, as I was setting my business up, Darya & Alexandra, the other half of DAR, designed my website and branding. At the time I didn't know the direction that I was going in, and I was setting a business up very suddenly as I has lost my job due to the pandemic. I entered a competition through the Launch programme at The University of Salford, and was selected by DAR to receive the branding and website. It was the turning point for my company, and I don't know what I would have done without the help, friendship and professionalism of Darya and Alexandra.

Darya's family are in Sumy in Ukraine, so I'm going to keep on raising funds to help them, and to help the people of Ukraine at this very difficult time. The link to the pattern is below, thanks so much.

Sending love and strength to all of you

Victoria xxx

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