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New for this week only! A Free Embroidery Pattern & Stitch Guide!

Just to let you know that I have just made the Lovey Dove Embroidery Pattern & Stitch Guide absolutely free to download! This is for a limited period for just this week, so make sure you download it now.

I have released this free downloadable pattern and instruction guide in the hope of getting more people to stitch with knitting wool, as it is so therapeutic and easy to do!

Click the link below to download for free (apologies about the confusing 'Buy Now' button, it really is for free).

However, I must say that this design is my original design, and it is for personal use only, and it is not permitted to use this pattern for making work to resell. Thank you for understanding.

In the guide you will find the embroidery pattern, the method of transferring the design to fabric, a stitching guide to help you through the project, as well as a guide on how to make a cushion or tote bag.

I used 4 ply fine knitting wool for this project, and some mohair wool. All the wools in my kits are pure wool threads. This pattern can also be stitched in stranded cotton using all six strands. There is an easy way to thread thicker threads and wools though a needle, and this is covered later on in this guide. For this project I have used a heavyweight pure linen.

Free Resources

Also, have a look at the 'Video & Free Resources' section at the website for short video tutorials on how to complete each stitch.

There are also hints and tips and advice about ways of working, as well as downloadable free Stitch Lessons that look at some stitches in detail.

You can find this at:

If you need any further help, then please drop me a line at

Happy Stitching!

Love from Victoria x

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